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It's Official – BSL Racing Team Choose Lucas Oil



It's Official – BSL Racing Team Choose Lucas Oil.

It's no longer a secret what the BSL Racing Team runs in their Esslinger powered cars. Lucas Oil NZ would like to welcome aboard the BSL Racing Team of which Lucas Oil will be the oil of choice.

Esslinger Engineering of Chino CA. recommend Lucas Oil Products in all their engines stating;

“People ask us what oil they should run in our 10,000rpm engines... Well here’s what we’ve had the best results with, Lucas’ 20w50 ‘Racing Only’ Synthetic. When they ask why, the answer is quite simply - Because it works!”

“Our customers use lots of different oils from all over the world, but the engines that have run on this oil and had routine maintenance come in looking the best! That’s why we started recommending it to help our customers protect their engines!”

“On our Duratec engines we recommend the Lucas ‘Racing Only’ non-synthetic oil as we’ve seen increased life on the cam buckets & cams.”

“For break-in we use Lucas’ pn#10636 or 10631 depending on the type of engine and it’s bearing clearances.”

BSL Racing has Lucas Oil products on hand to supply everyone with the oil recommended in all Esslinger engines!

Travis Buckley will be piloting the 7# Lucas Oil Aggressor Esslinger Midget, finishing 10th in his 1st year racing a midget at the NZ GP (Picture shown).