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11043 PenetratingOilAerosol 11ozLucas Oil’s mission to create the most comprehensive line of petroleum based products for automotive, industrial, and home uses was expanded today with the announcement of Lucas Oil Penetrating Oil Aerosol. The new product can be used on nuts, bolts, bearings, hinges, sliding doors or a million other home and shop uses. The formula is petroleum based and designed to provide a microscopic film that rust proofs for up to a year inside or out. In addition to its non-silicone formula, it is fortified with anti-seize agents to be a truly superior penetrant to dissolve corrosion and rust without drying.

“Lucas Oil’s main goal is to create products that can truly help the people that use them. I know that many people get frustrated when penetrating solvent aerosols solve a problem for a short time, but eventually the problem returns due to the solvent drying out. That is why we created this product with a petroleum base which does not dry out. In addition, the low odor formula has a locking pop-up tube and 360° application range, even upside down,” detailed Lucas Oil Products founder, Forrest Lucas.

Lucas Oil’s Senior Product Manager, Josh Hunter weighed in, “My team has been working on refining a penetrating oil formula for months. The lubricating qualities are similar to a heavy oil but have the penetrating qualities of a solvent. The petroleum base provides excellent water protection even against salt water. Finally, I was happy we were able to create a body shop safe product"